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Actress Ara had recenlty stated that she will be soon taking her come back by using her full name Go Ara. On the 24th of May, some representatives of the movie called, “Pace Maker” had stated that Go Ara will be now using her full name and real name rather than justusing her stage name, Ara.

As we all know, there are already many people calling out as Go Ara especially in other Asian countries as she has been a part of promotions of the boy group TVXQ, intentionally getting to partner with the leader of the group, Jung Yunho and so that is where most people had known her and eventually started to call her as Go Ara so this changes will not be hard to do so. And also during her debut days, she had already worked as Go Ara and just started to use her stage name “Ara” in the year 2007.

In her movie “Crank” that was released in April, she had changed her name in credits from Ara to Go Ara and now she is officially back using that name with all of her work and future ones.

The “Pace Maker” is about the marathon runner that has been attempting to fight over with another runner for all of hislfe and he, the marathon runner had then found his own marathon in running just for himself. Go Ara will be the one to play the role of a pole vaulter on the said film.

On the other hand, there is not that much reactions coming from the fans as we already said that thay are already most used in calling her Go Ara rather than just calling her “Ara”, so what do you think about this? Will it be more convenient this way? Tell us your own reaction!