Home » Another trailer was released for “protect the boss”

Recently, the second trailer for the SBS drama “Protect the Boss” was released last week, and just another was released the day before the day of its set air date tomorrow. Avril Lavigne’s song “Girlfriend” was used as the background song.

This trailer is a bit more humorous as compared to past earlier teaser videos as it gives Choi Kanghee punching Ji Sung, and Ji Sung getting in trouble and getting his ear pulled by an older man in an elevator. There was also a scene in which there is a jealous Ji Sung who had seen Jaejoong and Choi Kanghee having a lunch and having fun.

Choi Kanghee plays No Eunseol, a woman who finally received employment at a law firm, and eventually falls in love with the immature son of a conglomerate family played by Ji Sung (Cha Jiheon).