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Ahn Gooc Jin was born in the year 1980 and as of now, he is still making a name for his career in the current Korean film industry. Even though there are two other short films that he is doing right now (“Stop By My House” and “Platonic Punch Banana”) he still did and presented a very refined film entitled, “Double Clutch”. The film is very successful and the whole crew needs to be credited for all of their efforts and expertise in different areas just to have and show this awesome movie. If you can check the cinematography of Baek Seong Bin, it was the perfect emotion that had joined all the emotions that film is creating. The claustrophobic composition and enormous interplay had given the light and dark a balance to films as for the successful attempt of all the needed spectacular scenes.

The story had begun when a young man (played by Song Sam-dong) is in a cell waiting to be hanged. Since there is no more reason for him to live he had taken a suicide, just like what the dark aura had told him while watching him inside the cell. The monstrous creature soon silenced his persuasion when the young man’s delusional and overly optimistic lawyer had come in the scene to present his plans about the man. The lawyer had taken a reminder to the young man that it has a daughter and once he had carried out the plan perfectly, the guy then can meet his daughter once again. But what seems a comedy here is that after the lawyer had taken numerous attempts in explaining his plan, he just stated that the guy need survive the execution and for some reason the young man had taken it seriously as he strengthen his muscles and neck for a possibility of survival while hanging there for three hours while his lawyer will be taking an advantage in finding some loopholes. This is only a 34 minute film and it might be hard to understand it quickly but is suggestible for everyone to watch this.