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This upcoming July 17th episode of Baek Ji Yeon’s “People Inside”, they are going to show an exclusive interview with “Grey’s Anatomy”s heroine, Sandra Oh, will air for the first time in Korean broadcasting history.

The interview was done in Los Angeles, at CGV LA,in which the staff revealed that Sandra fronted with a very enthusiastic manner without hiding her honest and lively personality.

She is known to be the inner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2006, has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for 5 years straight since 2005, marking her reputation as the top East Asian actress in Hollywood.

In the said interview, she spoke about her love for Korea as a Korean-Canadian and her hopes to one day star in a Korean movie. She also discussed about some stories behind the Grey’s Anatomy and how she was able to be a part of it.

She stated, “If I am to be cast in a Korean movie, I will be happy to take any role. I will study Korean, and if I don’t have any lines, I can act with just my facial expressions. I’ve always wanted to attend the Busan Film Festival, but I was always caught up with work. I want to attend the festival with a piece I star in”.

Also, she revealed the difficulties of working as an Asian actress in Hollywood. “It’s exactly as people imagine. Working as an East Asian actress in Hollywood is hard and frustrating, and I do simply get tired of it from time to time. But you must overcome these hardships and be able to look at the bigger picture”, sharing her experiences.

She also commented, “I’ve been friends with people like Sung Kang, Yunjin Kim even before they were famous. I like both actors very much and their success makes me really happy.”