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One of the contender in the Best Korean Feature Film Category at the JIFF 2011 is the “Believe or Not”. This movie had sum up for only 60 minutes under director Park Kyung Mok. This is only the third film of the director that shows great interest in love stories as well as an unexpected tragic as its climax.

Young Min had just gotten his first pay check in cash as it is the tradition of their company for the new employees. Since he feels a lot regrets and emptiness coming from his previous relationship, he decided to arrange a meeting with a female escort named Shin Hye. At their first encounter, they had awkwardly passed it while having a quiet drink. Shin Hye had then revealed that he wants a platonic relationship and even though she hesitates for awhile, Shin Hye had agreed. Since then, the two had started a typical date, having lunch, shopping together and just walking around while enjoying each other’s company. The guy had given her new clothes, ticket from a very expensive show and even offers an old family ring. Those dates had then takes a turn and they started show a seemingly true relationship. Young Min’s new job is very demanding and as a result for it, he does not have enough time anymore to spend with Shin Hye. And so when a detective had requested for him to comes down to the police station to answer some questions regarding his so called girlfriend Shin Hye, their relationship takes an unexpected turn for the worst. Certainly, the word love was suddenly thrown out and more scenes had shown about the future relationship of the two.

The movie is a very short film yet it still manages to show the great highlights between the gap of words and actions. You can feel the great feelings that the characters are portraying to, and as time passed by, you can seriously show the good flow of story and how a true love suddenly blooms without anyone expecting it, after all it just started as a platonic.