Home » 5urprise sets to debut on November as singers!

5urprise_1376333076_af_orgThe actor group 5urprise consisting of members namely Seo Kang Jun, Gong Myung, Kang Tae Oh, Lee Tae Hwan, and Yoo Il that has been creating their names through acting announces that they will be debuting as singer this coming November.

The group’s agency namely Fantagio discussed with the media outlet MBN Star last October 16 stating:

 “5urprise is set to release their album in November… There is a high possibility that it will be a mini album. The majority of the members are doing dramas so we are adjusting their schedules and other details.”


maxresdefaultSeo Kang Jun, the most known in the group starred in the drama Cunning Single Lady with Lee Min Jung and now a mainstay in the variety show “Roommate” and currently appearing the latest drama “What’s With The Family”. Lee Tae Hwan was introduced as an actor through the drama with Seo In Guk entitled ‘High School King‘ that has been released just this year, and Kang Tae Oh has been cast in the Korean-Vietnamese drama ‘Today’s Youth‘.


Who’s excited for this group? Good looking + Good actors + Singers in the making! Hmm, another oppa to spazz right? <3 Let’s wait and see their concept from teasers these coming days and support their Singing Debut this coming November <3