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Block B’s Zico talks about the people who are comparing him with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon.

On December 7, Zico attends an album release event for his first solo mini album “Gallery.”

Ever since his debut days, Zico has always been compared to G-Dragon. A lot of netizens have commented that both Zico and G-Dragon are producers and rappers with preference for hip hop music. Some have also commented that Zico is being overly influenced by G-Dragon and that he is trying to imitate the success of G-Dragon.

To this, Zico comments, “There is absolutely no overlap in the music stlyes of me and G-Dragon. I do not think that it makes sense to say that I have copied him.”

“Of course, G-Dragon is a senior artist and I am totally grateful for being compared to him. But, we are on totally different paths,” Zico clarifies.

He also adds, “I think that people claiming that I am copying him are not fans of G-Dragon, but rather people who disapprove of my actions. However, their behavior does not affect me at all. I couldn’t care less.”

“There are also comments that make me think about myself. When I see those, I get stimulated with the thought that I must improve. Still, I try to not pay attention to those that blindly criticize me,” he reveals.

Meanwhile, Zico is currently promoting his latest track “Eureka” from his first solo mini album “Gallery” which has topped the charts since its release.

Check out Zico’s “Eureka” ft. Zion.T below!

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