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Block B leader and rapper Zico talks about the biases against idols in the hip-hop industry on the May issue of ‘GQ’ magazine.

With Zico’s pictorial on a famous men’s magazine ‘GQ’, the idol has raised his concerns about the prejudice on idol members who release hip-hop tracks.

“Whenever some idol members release hip-hop songs, they act in a sort of ‘I am an idol, so?’ kind of way. I thought that if it is real hip-hop, they would be really acknowledged even if they don’t act or talk like that,” Zico explains.

Zico also says that he wants to pursue and express his passion for hip-hop music without letting his idol image get in his way.


Zico has also expressed his new interest in producing tracks, saying that he becomes very greedy about it and that he wants to show people what he can do without any limits.

He also talks about the haters who criticize him for wearing eyeliner, haters even call him “rapper who puts on eyeliner.”

In the interview, Zico also talks about his latest solo track “Well Done”. He also revealed in the interview who he thinks are the top 5 rappers.

Meanwhile, Zico has also recently participated as a judge of Mnet‘s “Unpretty Rapstar”, in which he also produced a track “Stayed Up All Night” for contestant Yuk Ji Dam.

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The full pictorial as well as the full interview of Zico by ‘GQ’ Magazine for May issue will be out soon, so don’t forget to grab a copy!

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