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Choigo and Duksin from the boy group ZEST have been revealed to have left the group.

The group’s management agency Zenith Entertainment have released the news:

“We apologize for delivering some sudden news on the warm weather at the end of the year. We are reporting that members Choigo and Duksin have officially left ZEST.

We deeply apologize to everyone who has been loving ZEST for delivering the report late.

This year, there was an incident that hurt and have affected all of us, however the involved member was proved to be innocent. We did everything we could in order to resolve it.

We proved that we were free from the suspicion. In order to resume ZEST’s activities, we have made sure of the members’ safety and talked a lot internally so that the members would be able to practice more.

Unfortunately, Choigo and Duksin decided to not continue their activities since they have received a lot of hurt despite their young age and have become skeptical regarding entertainment promotions.

The company respected the decisions of both members and we amicably ended our discussion. There were a lot of things which needed to be resolved internally, thus the official report was pushed back a lot.”

Previously, a member of ZEST was accused of rape from a former female idol, but the accused member was then found innocent.

The agency added, “After Shun, Yeho and Shin’s unit album promotions in September, they are going to comeback as a new team. We sincerely thank all those who supported us through this time once again and we ask you to support ZESt till the end.”


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