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The sixth man of “Infinite Challenge”, ZE:A member Kwanghee becomes intimidated by G-Dragon as they record their song for the first time.

Although Kwanghee was seen to be very friendly around the BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang on the previous episodes of the show, the mood suddenly changes when they enter the recording studio.

On the recent episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge”, the six teams for the official music festival have made their preparations.

Previously, a quiz game was played by the six teams in order to determine the order of performances during the festival. Unfortunately, Kwanghee and Taeyang lost the game, making them the first presenters in the festival.

G-Dragon was not around at the quiz game as he was recording for a music video and have voiced out his dissatisfaction of the results through a call. Then he reveals, “The order of presenters is important, however what it really matters is how you perform on stage.”

Kwanghee and Taeyang

When they entered the studio, Kwanghee was in his normal self and asked, “Are we going to do choreography now?”

However, after the first recording on Kwanghee’s part, G-Dragon tells him to do it again. Every time Kwanghee makes a mistake, G-Dragon tells him to start again and corrects his mistakes. Kwanghee then becomes nervous and scared of G-Dragon and he starts using honorifics, although they have previously said to one another that they should drop the honorifics when talking with each other.


Watch their recording below!