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Singer and actress Z.Hera talks about her kiss scene with EXO member Baekhyun for “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.”

On Z.Hera’s recent interview with media outlet OSEN, she talks about her recent kiss scene with the EXO member by saying, “We filmed the scene a while back. At that time, it was really comfortable. I think that it was because we are quite close in age.”

She also talks about the viewers’ feedback to their kiss scene, most especially EXO fans. “I felt so relieved to see positive responses,” shares the actress.

z.hera and baekhyun

She adds, “I do not know about Baekhyun, but, it was my first kissing scene so I do not think that I did that well. Even if there were not a lot of NGs (No Good), I think that I made a few mistakes. However, I am relieved to hear that we look great together.”

Z.Hera then shares, “I was a bit worried since the director did not give any feedback while we were filming that scene. However, he did say, ‘Just keep doing what you are doing.’ I felt comfortable after hearing that. There were a lot of scenes in the latest episode where I worked so hard. I am really thankful that they edited them nicely.”

Aside from “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo,” Z.Hera is also known for appearing in the drama, “Moorim School” playing the character Jenny Oh.


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