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KARA member Youngji reveals her reaction to the viewers’ response to her TV acting debut for the drama “Oh Hae Young Again.”

On Youngji’s recent photo shoot and interview with International bnt, she reveals, “Now that the series is over, I am currently doing auditions. It was my acting debut, and it was very meaningful that I feel bittersweet. I did a fan meet not too long ago as well.”

Youngji also reveals that she did not think that the drama would not do well. She explains, “Since I was with so many talented people, I was confident that the drama would do well.”

With regards to the viewer’s positive response to her acting debut, Youngji reveals, “When I saw the first episode and saw comments which complimented my acting, I could not hold back my tears.”

The KARA member also adds, “Back when I started the drama, I was so worried and had lots of thoughts. I was thinking that since there would be people who would be judging my acting skills, I would rather be insulted for doing well. That is why I was so determined to try my very best.”


Meanwhile, the romantic comedy drama “Oh Hae Young Again” aired its last episode on June 28. Aside from Youngji, it also stars Shinhwa’s Eric Mun, Seo Hyun Jin and Jeon Hye Bin.


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