Home » Youkyoung writes a letter to fans following her departure from FNC Entertainment

AOA drummer Youkyoung wrote a long letter to her fans after her contract expiration with FNC Entertainment.

She wrote through AOA’s fancafe, saying:

“Hello, this is Youkyung, hehe.

It feels like I have come to write for the first time in a while. I feel that the reason why I am back might disappoint a lot of people which is why my heart feels a little heavy while writing this.

I am sure that there are already some who have heard. However, after lots of conversation and considerations, I have decided to end my contract with FNC Entertainment who I have been with for the last five years.

I did not really have many promotions with them. This post is not a final goodbye. However, I do feel sad about the AOA members who I have been with since my late teens to now that I am 24. I am also thinking about greeting and cheering the people who have always helped us. I am thankful.

It was a really precious time that I was able to meet great people as well as the fans who have always shown love. From now on, as always, I will be preparing to appear out of nowhere with a better image. Hehe.

Also, if AOA Black happens to comeback with a new song, I will still be their drummer! I will work hard to come back as fast as I can with the best image. Please continue supporting AOA, FNC and me! Thank you!”


Stay tuned for more updates on Youkyoung!