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Girls’ Generation member and actress Yoona reveals her thoughts on her character for the drama, “The K2.”

On Yoona’s recent interview with Yonhap News, she explained, “I wanted to present a different side of myself which I have not shown before. I think that I was able to achieve that goal.”

She continued, “There are many scenes that I wish I could re-do since I can do better. Whenever I am filming, I feel like I did okay. However, when I monitor it later, it is not as good as I thought.”

With regards to her acting roles, she shared, “Up until now, I have played characters who are bright and happy. I thought a lot of whether I should continue on that path and improve or if I should do a different character. Anna was completely different from the characters that I have played before, so I was really attracted to her.”

The Girls’ Generation member also talked about her growth during “The K2” by saying, “I have more passion, fun and curiosity with regards to acting more than before. Working and getting energy from sunbaes while shooting have also made my acting spectrum bigger. Also, since this was my first project after 2-3 years of my break, my thirst for acting got bigger than before.”

Meanwhile, the drama, “The K2” ended its run on November 12.


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