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Singer and actor Yoo Seung Jun reveals the reason why he became a U.S. citizen and expressed his desire to enter Korea once again.

During his interview with media outlet Sports Chosun, he explains, “I want to unlock this chain and become someone who is beneficial to the society… I did not get a U.S. citizenship just to avoid the mandatory military service.”

“After discussing with my parents and family, I got naturalize. I chose the United States. However, it was a decision, not a betrayal,” he adds.

He also shares, “I understand that many people hate me for not keeping my promise of serving the military and leaving Korea with a special travel visa and returning with a U.S. citizenship. However, I am the only one who was totally banned from entering the country.”

Yoo Seung Jun also explains, “I think that it is harsh to single me out and ban me from entering Korea permanently. My children are also Korean, ethnically. I want to go to Korea with them.”

He then adds, “What I want is not the restoration of my citizenship, but just being able to enter the country legally. I will continue to live with an apologetic heart.”

Meanwhile, since Yoo Seung Jun’s ban from South Korea, he became an active singer and actor in China. He appeared on the films, “Dragon Blade,” “The Break-Up Artist,” and “Man of Tai Chi.”


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