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YMC Entertainment, the agency handling girl group IOI, has addressed the recent controversy regarding IOI’s manager.

Recently, IOI’s manager has been receiving criticisms after a video clip of him shouting at IOI members; specifically Yu Yeonjung, has become viral. The video clip shows the manager yelling at the members to hurry up and get inside their car.

With regards to the issue, YMC Entertainment has stepped up and addressed the controversy by saying, “We saw the video which sparked a controversy. The manager involved has been removed from his work and is currently given a desk job. We are apologetic to IOI’s fans and would be more careful so that something like this would not happen again.”

While some have commented that the manager was only doing his job since he is responsible for keeping the girls to their schedules on time, the agency responds, “First of all, yelling at the IOI members is the fault of the manager, no matter what. It was an incident which occurred suddenly depending on the burden and responsibility which he felt.”

They also explain, “Normally, the managers are very affectionate towards the IOI members. They take care of them like family. The IOI members know this too. That is why the members feel that this is a shame. But, from the point of view of the management, it seemed most reasonable to change the manager, which is why it was done immediately.”

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