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YMC Entertainment clears up the rumors of Jessi physically assaulting her manager.

Recently, a blind item article has spread online saying, “A ‘Ssen unni'(tough sister) who has gained attention through an audition program has assaulted her manager.”

Netizens are guessing that it is Jessi of Lucky J since she has gained spotlight recently by becoming a contestant of Mnet’s female rap survival show “Unpretty Rapstar” and has been known because of her fierce image. Moreover, in September, she has also released a solo single, “Ssen Unni.”

Ssen unniWhile some guessed that it was her, some netizens have also defended Jessi by saying that despite having a tough public image, she also a sweet side and that she is not the type who would assault someone.

Jessi’s management agency, YMC Entertainment also refutes the allegations by saying, “There is an article which is saying that one female rapper has assaulted her manager, people are guessing that it was Jessi. However, it is not true. We are not sure why this kind of article was published. From it, there is no way to know who the rapper is. However, it is not Jessi.”

YMC Entertainment also adds, “Currently, Jessi’s manager is working well. Jessi is also promoting without any problems. We were shocked because of the article. Jessi is also going through a difficult time after being swept in this misunderstanding.”

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