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The Lunar New Year”s holiday and celebrations continue, but sadly, it doesn”t appear YG Entertainment artists are getting a break. Or perhaps they didn”t ask for one, considering their reputations as super idols! YG”s Yang Hyun Suk revealed to TV Report recently, “Everyone gave back their Lunar New Year”s vacation. They had originally planned a vacation to spend time for the first time in a long while with their family. However, the lineup for the first half of this year has been set, and we are strained with time every single day. In the end, every plan was canceled and we”re striving to work on music.” Looks like Yang Hyun Suk isn”t trolling and seems to be actually serious this time about meeting promised deadlines! Maybe Big Bang really will be coming back in April then! The artists named were Big Bang, WINNER, and iKON; all three have already been revealed to be planning their respective comebacks and debut this year with Big Bang leading the way. As they”re known to not only perform but to also personally take part in the production of the music, lyrics, and more, this comes as no surprise that there are some time constraints with such gigantic projects in hand. Of course, Yang Hyun Suk joined them to guide and assist as best he can. It was reported that while Big Bang and WINNER could be entrusted with personally producing their albums with their own unique colors, Yang Hyun Suk will be participating generally with iKON”s debut album, probably considering this will be their first ever official music release as a group. He said, “There are a lot of people who are waiting for Big Bang, WINNER, and iKON”s new albums. We also know there are a lot of people who are disappointed that the release dates keep getting pushed back. We are striving to do the work in order to create results with a high level of completion. I, and of course the members of the three groups, are heeding a lot of attention and not missing a single thing. If the biggest brother, Big Bang, successfully start it off, WINNER and iKON will follow them one by one. We are devoting ourselves in order to satisfy those expectations.” In addition, WINNER will be celebrating the Lunar New Year”s with their fans. They left for Japan on February 19 for their global fan meeting “WWIC (Worldwide Inner Circle Conference) 2015” in Osaka and Tokyo. A YG rep told Star News, “WINNER, which officially debuted last year in August, forewent their first Lunar New Year”s break to meet their Japanese fans.” They will be in Osaka on February 20 and 21, then Tokyo on 22 before returning to South Korea on February 23!