Home » YG Entertainment hints two comebacks with “Who’s Next” Posters



After the success of their clothing and cosmetic brands, and of course how can we forget about the success of their newest kpop group Winner, it seems that YG Entertainment will be releasing comebacks or might also be debut artists in the coming days!

One of their artists, Epik High hinted recently that they are preparing for their eight album, so they might be the other one. But who are your guesses? Some says it would be Lee Hi. VIPs are not as much hopeful for a Bigbang comeback yet but who knows! Or it might be the long awaited debut of a girl group? What and who could it be? Could it also be the rumored group that went under YG Entertainment training, Korean-Chinese group UNIQ? Or a duo? Or a collaboration? Or could it be 2NE1 and make another “I Am the Best hit, What are your thoughts?


There are two dates from the poster stating the first one will be revealed on October 10, 2014 12AM KST and the other one will be on October 21, 2014 12AM KST.