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2NE1’s Park Bom makes a surprise appearance at the “2015 MAMA” following her break from the entertainment scene.

Her comeback on stage led to the speculations of fans that she would be ending her hiatus.

However, her management agency YG Entertainment, denies all the allegations very firmly. An entertainment insider reveals, Park Bom’s MAMA stage was nothing more than a surprise present to all her fans. However, she has no comeback plans at the time. CL, on the other hand would be focusing on her solo career for a while.”

The 2NE1 stage at “2015 MAMA” was the first time in a year and five months that Park Bom stood on stage. She participated in the “I Am the Best” and “Fire” performances along with the other members of the group.

Fans have also speculated that 2NE1’s appearance at MAMA meant that they would be having a comeback anytime soon since the group did not release any albums nor songs in 2015 and therefore had no reason to appear on the event.

Park Bom has been on hiatus ever since she was accused of trafficking amphetamines from the United States through Incheon International Airport back in 2010. The prosecutors back then decided to suspend her case which has then led to many people wondering why she was let off easily. However, YG Entertainment then revealed that it was a medication prescribed to her by her doctor in America.


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