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Yewon could not help but burst into tears on a recent skit about her conflict with actress Lee Tae Im. She has recently made her comeback to television, following her hiatus due to the conflict, by joining the crew of “SNL Korea 7.”

On the recent episode of “SNL Korea 7,” Yewon appeared on the opening skit of the show along with comedians Jung Sung Ho and Kim Min Gyo on a mock news segment.

Jung Sung Ho asks Kim Min Gyo with Lee Tae Im’s infamous lines, “Why are you opening your eyes like that?” and “Why are you speaking informally to me?”

Kim Min Kyo then responds with Yewon’s line, “You don’t like me, do you?”

However, when it was Yewon’s turn to speak her lines, she starts to tear up. Yewon then says, “I am so nervous right now. First of all, I would like to apologize for disappointing everyone. As much as I have disappointed everyone, I would work that much harder in my role as a new member of the ‘SNL 7’ crew. I would do my best to not become a burden for the team.”

Previously, Yewon talks about her controversy with Lee Tae Im on an interview with Mnet’s “M2,” revealing that she has reflected on the controversy and that she and Lee Tae Im had already contacted each other.

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