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Comedian Yang Se Hyung shares a story of doing Super Junior member Kyuhyun a favor.

On the recent episode of “Radio Star,” comedian appeared as a special guest and shares a funny story of him and Kyuhyun.

The comedian was revealed to have been asked by his close friend Super Junior’s Heechul to be the MC for the wedding of Kyuhyun’s friend to which Yang Se Hyung agrees.

It has been a custom to pay the wedding MC at the end of the wedding in private, however, since the comedian did not want to bother Kyuhyun at such an important day, Yang Se Hyung decided to leave and collect the payment at a later date.

He explains, “I was just about to leave, however, Kyuhyun came out and paid me. But, he gave me four 50,000 won bills without an envelope or anything!”


After hearing the story, the MCs and other guests of the show started to question Kyuhyun’s manners, to which he explains, “I gave you twenty 50,000 won bills! I was just trying to find an envelope and give it to you, however, I rushed out without one since you were leaving!”

Kyuhyun further reveals, “Yang Se Hyung did not really accept any of the money. He simply asked that I buy him a drink in the future, to which I agreed. However, I feel bad since I have yet to fulfill the promise.”

Kyuhyun then reveals, “Also, the wedding happened at 5 in the afternoon. But, everyone could see how hung over Yang Se Hyung was due to his haggard appearance during his arrival.”

Yang Se Hyung then quietly responds, “I’m the one who looks bad now,” making the MCs and other guests to burst into laughter.