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Yang Hyun Suk now the  king of stocks in the entertainment world. From the  institute Chaebul, Yang Hyun Suk’s stake of his company goes up reaching to  186 billion won (approx. $170.7 million USD) with a 13.6 percent increase in value, while Lee Soo Man’s stock value decreased by 22.1 percent to 149.3 billion won (approx. $135.5 million USD).

It has been reported that, YG Entertainment‘s recent increase  most likely are from their recent additional and step-up on their fashion industry. Last September,  ‘NONA9ON’  has been launched by YG, a brand in cooperation with Cheil Industries and an  affiliate of Samsung Group. That  same month, LVMH Group invested to YG , and therefore the latter received an 18 billion won (approx. $16.4 million USD) investment . LVMH Group is  a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate that caters  well known and expensive brands like Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. From then on , many  investors bought up a lot of shares and YG’s stock value boost up. Last October, it happened for the first time that YG’s market surpasses that of SM’s . Since then, SM’s stock price has  been recovered and now back as the lead in market cap.

Speculators once again are up to  SM’s stock price decreasing due to Luhan’s recent departure from the company last quarter and when Jessica left Girls’ Generation. That is  business by the way, the ups and downs.

On the other hand, actor Bae Yong Joon comes on the  third rank in terms of stock wealth with his 54.9 billion won (approx. $49.9 million USD) stake in his Key East Entertainment. while J.Y. Park ranks 4th place whose stock value has dropped by 9.1 percent, with 23.3 billion won (approx. $21.2 million USD) in JYP Entertainment.

It was also reported that an increase in stock value of the actor Jang Dong Gun, who has shares in SM’s subsidiary agency SM Culture & Content a 17.7 percent with 4.2 billion won (approx. $3.8 million USD). Another  TV personality Kang Ho Dong has just ended  the year with 2.3 billion won (approx. $2.1 million USD).