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Former EXO member Wu Yifan dodges a question regarding former EXO band mate Z.Tao.

On September 10, Wu Yifan attends a press conference for Maybelline as their endorser. Wu Yifan shares updates on his current activities to the press.

At first, the atmosphere of the event and interview was cheerful. The star shared about his carefree and playful personality and hinted about his upcoming musical projects, hinting that it would be hip hop meets rock vibe. However, the mood quickly took a turn after a question regarding Z.Tao was thrown at Wu Yifan. Some journalists have asked the star regarding his current relationship with Z.Tao, to which Wu Yifan did not answer. His managers then cut off the reporters.

The two former EXO members have been known to be not in good terms after Z.Tao had called him a traitor following his leave from EXO. However, Z.Tao was then forced to eat his own words after deciding that he would leave EXO as well.

In Z.Tao’s interview with Chinese media outlet Sina, he revealed that he regretted calling Wu Yifan a betrayer and that he was impulsive back then. He further reveals that back in EXO, he was the closest member to Wu Yifan and that he was a brother to him. However, he did not know the reason why Wu Yifan had left the group until he saw the news. It was then that he said those things out of impulse.

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