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Woollim Entertainment reveals that they would be taking legal action against Tasty’s Chinese promotions.

Previously, the Chinese duo Tasty which consists of twins Daeryong and Soryong had posted on their official Weibo account that they would be releasing a new single on China and have shared photo teasers. The announcement of the new Chinese single happened after Tasty reveals that they would be discontinuing their Korean promotions.

Their announcement of halting their Korean promotions has shocked many fans and their agency as well saying that they were “shocked and dumbfounded.”

Woollim Entertainment then claims that the duo had left for China without any notice and has cut off communications with the company and that their decision to halt their Korean promotions was unilateral. To which Tasty then refutes the agency’s claims about cutting off communications and reveals that they have told the company about the things which they did not understand and that the company told them that they do understand.

Woollim Entertainment then reveals, “Tasty’s contract still stands, their Chinese activities are clearly breaching this contract.”

The agency also expressed their wish to be able to speak to Tasty directly, however Tasty did not respond as of yet.

In response to the duo’s recent promotions in China, they commented, “We are still confirming their promotions in China. Regardless of their activities, we are already planning to take legal action.”


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