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Wonder Girls and Girl’s Generation member Sunny reminisce the past as they recall singing each other’s songs.

Wonder Girls have recently appeared on MBC’s radio show, “Sunny’s FM Date” and have recall the time when they have switched songs, where Wonder Girls performed “Kissing You”, while Girl’s Generation performs, “Tell Me”.

In the interview, MC Sunny asked the members, “Wonder Girls have tried lots of concepts, to the point that there isn’t anything you haven’t tried. Among those, which concept was your favorite?

Sunny fm date

The members then laughed and seemed to be in trouble thinking of their favorite concept.

Yubin then responds, “The concept when we looked the prettiest is this concept. Do you remember when we have switched songs? Girl’s Generation’s ‘Kissing You’. We never really had a bubbly, girly, youthful concept before. It was our first and the last time, so I remember it.”

Sunny then reminisced her part when singing Wonder Girl’s ‘Tell Me’ and reveals, “I remember acting flirty when I sang the ‘omona’ part.”

Sunmi then recalls, “Oh, and you even lent us those props,” Sunny then says, “The Candy!” with a laugh.

Sunny then compliments Wonder Girls on their comeback, “When I saw your teasers, I was totally surprised.” She adds, “I was really in awe when I watched them.”


Watch Girl’s Generation’s “Tell Me” cover below!


Watch Wonder Girl’s “Kissing You” cover below!

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