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WINNER member Taehyun addresses his previous acting controversy and talks about his passion for acting on tvN’s “Actor’s School.”

On the first episode of the variety show “Actor’s School,” the WINNER member talks about his struggles when it comes to acting.

When Park Shin Yang asks him, “How desperate are you to join this class?”

Taehyun responds, “I want to learn so many things. I do not think that I am good enough to appear on TV yet. My agency had many talks with me since I want to start acting. But when a chance to act came, I was not ready. I felt so guilty towards the staff, director, writer and other actors for the drama which I was in. The drama was criticized because of me, and negative comments flooded on articles. I felt so sorry towards them.”

Nam Taehyun - Actor's School

He also adds, “I do not think that it is all my fault, however, what became the center of the criticism was my bad acting. When I started hearing the harsh words which I have never heard before, it was when I realized that I was not ready to act yet. I do not want to hurt anyone else because of me anymore.”

Meanwhile, the show “Actor’s School” stars veteran actor Park Shin Yang who would be teaching six students in order to improve their skills on acting.

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