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WINNER member Song Mino apologizes for his controversial rap lyrics on Mnet’s survival rap battle “Show Me the Money 4”.

On the July 10 episode of the show, Mino’s rap became controversial due to his lyric which says, “Mino targets all daughters, spread your legs like you are at the gynecologist.”

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Some viewers of the show were offended by Mino’s lyrics and have demanded an apology.

The idol then wrote an apology on WINNER’s Facebook account saying that he is regretful and apologetic on the lyrics which have caused the controversy. Mino also reveals that he would correct his mistake by making better music.

However, the Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have also released an official statement where they demand an apology from Mino.

“Song Mino wrote his apology through SNS and it is difficult to accept that as an official apology,” the association reveals through an interview.

Mino, YG Entertainment and Mnet have then sent out letters of apology to the association which states their mistake and sincere regret regarding the issue. It was also mentioned in the letter that Mino had no intention of offending and stereotyping the women or the gynecologists and that they would be taking caution in the future in order to avoid making the same mistake.

Meanwhile, Mnet has also issued a statement acknowledging their mistake and have deleted the video clips on Mino’s performance on the show.


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