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WINNER shares details on their upcoming comeback and what they have been doing lately.

The members chatted with their fans through the group’s recent “V” app broadcast.

Seungyoon shared, “We have been really busy these days that is already winter. Let us talk about how we have been doing. Let us start with Mino.”

“I have been doing a lot of studying for history. I am nearly at a doctorate level now. I know about the naval warfare, the Imjin War and the time during the Joseon Dynasty in 1592. After that, there was another Japanese invasion. That is when General Yi Soon Shin struck back and fought them,” Mino shared.

He is currently on a hip hop project with MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” in which he and other hip hop artists will be forming pairs with the cast members to make hip hop tracks about history.

Seunghoon then commented, “You could go lecture at a school now.”

Song Mino then laughed and stated, “The only thing is that I only know about the Imjin War well. I could not really answer questions about the other parts of history.”

WINNER then shared their thoughts about their comeback with Kang Seung Yoon saying, “We are preparing for an album early next year. We have promised to remain active in other ways until then and so, the four of us came together, to see all of you today. We hope that it is a great gift to all of you.”

Meanwhile, WINNER’s upcoming comeback marks their first release as a four-member group since Taehyun’s departure from the band.