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Choi Whee Sung was born on the 5th of February, 1982 and was mostly known only by his first name, Wheesung. He is a South Korean R&B singer.

In the April of the year 2009, he is the MC of the new M.net TV show named “Pre-Star 1 Show”. This is a kind of shows that gives opportunities for the new talented singers for them to introduce themselves, a stage for them to approach more fans out there. Every month there will be for about 9-10 teams that will be introduced on Mnet.com and the team who will be going to receive most responses from the netizens will be chosen for the show. The chose team will then also be given the chance to perform alongside with some popular stars. His Pre-Show 1 Show had started airing on the 24th of April on the Mnet Cable Channel.

In the late 2008, he was asked by the British R&B Craig David to record the Korean version of his hit single named “Insomnia”. The music video for the song was released on the February 17, 2009 and his comeback performance was broadcast by Mnet in February 19.

He had also participated in the several K-pop concerts in the Los Angeles, California which he had include the Hollywood Bowl, and the Victory Concert. On the 19th of June, 2009, he and Lena Park had held a concert in Los Angeles Disney Concert Hall. After the concert, he had planned to stay in the place for a month to work on his new album alongside with producer Lee Hyun Do.

The new album was then back to the R&B and hip hop style that is similar with “With Me” and “Incurable Disease”. This new album was set to release in August 2009. He had also admitted in an interview that he wants to take a visit to Pink’s Hot Dogs while he was in LA. On the June 27 and July 4, he performed at Insomnia Concert and club Le Cercle in LA. On the 11th of July, he had performed at the HALO nightclub in Hollywood.

He has also collaborated with different artists. In the late 2008, he had joined once again with singer Lee Hyori who was featured to be his girlfriend in his music video for the song “Fading Star” in his “With All my Heart and Soul” album.  In the year 2009, he had asked for some help from the producer Lee Hyun Do as they will be having a new album which will be going to release on August 2009.

He had started his singing career under YG Entertainment and when his contract had expired in March 2006, he had changed his label to Orange Shock. In the June 2009, he had changed his label again from Orange Shock to POP/UP Entertainment, which make him the label mate for stars like JK Kim Dong Wook and group M to M. He has decided to change his label because former producer.