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MBC Everyone’s variety talk show “Weekly Idol” speaks up regarding Jung Hyung Don’s sudden hiatus due to his health condition.

The variety talk show talks about the status of the show since Jung Hyung Don is the show’s host along with rapper Defconn.

On November 16, the program reveals, “We are anticipating Jung Hyung Don’s recovery of his health as soon as possible. We are considering whether we should currently replace Jung Hyun Don with a new host of have a temporary guest MC since many fans are used to the combination hosting of Jung Hyung Don and Defconn.”

The show further reveals that they film two episodes per week so they are not behind if they would not film this week, “We film two episodes every Tuesday for a bi-weekly schedule, so on this November 17 Tuesday, the filming has not been canceled since we have what we have filmed last week, so it is not a big problem.”

The MC and comedian Jung Hyun Don has recently been revealed to have halted all of his TV activities in order to focus on his treatment for his anxiety disorder. Aside from “Weekly Idol,” the comedian also appears on “Infinite Challenge,” “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” “Cool Kiz on the Block,” “The Capable Ones” and “Don’t Worry Music.”


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