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VIXX has recently shared their thoughts with regards to their overlapping promotions with other boy groups such as BTS and SEVENTEEN.

On the recent showcase for VIXX’s fifth single album, “ZELOS” held at the Lotte Card Art Center in Seoul, the members talked about their friendship with other boy groups and their overlapping promotions.

Ken explains his friendship with BTS member Jin and reveals, “It isn’t only me, but other VIXX members have friends in BTS as well.”

With regards to the ongoing boy group comeback rush, he reveals, “I don’t see that as a battle. Instead, I would like to see all of us pursuing different styles and achieving positive results. I have not really thought of it as a face-off.”

Hyuk also adds, “Later on I believe that we will all look back at this time together, smiling and thinking, ‘We used to promote and compete with these guys.’”

N also reveals his excitement for both groups’ comebacks by saying, “We also enjoy watching talented groups. BTS and SEVENTEEN are really cool groups. We look forward to seeing the amazing stages of the groups who will be promoting at the same time as us.”

Meanwhile, the music video for VIXX’s new song, “Dynamite” was released on April 20.

Watch VIXX’s “Dynamite” music video and tell us your thoughts below!

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