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f(x) leader Victoria has made a public statement regarding the rumors of her alleged contract terminations with SM Entertainment.

During the press conference of her new Chinese drama “Beautiful Secret”, Victoria clarified the rumors and discussed about her contract with SM Entertainment and her personal studio in China.

beautiful secret press con

“I have never thought that I would ever have a personal studio in China. I am very thankful for SM, and they are very supportive of my solo activities in China. I hope that in the future, everyone will support me as I take care of my activities in Korea,” Victoria reveals.

When she was asked regarding the contract termination issue, she responds with, “I have never thought of terminating my contract with the company actually. It was SM Entertainment who discovered and trained me. Since I am a foreigner who is working in Korea, the staffs have taken good care of me, which is why I am very grateful for the company.”

“Currently, I am preparing for my personal studio and to be able to establish my own team for it,” Victoria adds.

victoria beautiful secret press con

Previously, rumors of Victoria allegedly asking for a contract termination with SM Entertainment after being denied of her request of a personal studio in China has spread in a Chinese social media site Weibo.

The rumors were denied by both SM Entertainment and Victoria’s side.

Meanwhile, aside from “Beautiful Secret”, Victoria will also be joining the Chinese remake of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and the Korean film, “My New Sassy Girl”.