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Watch out for the new album of IU as it is reported to be in the middle of working on a brand new album!

Coming  from IU’s side stated on February 3, “Though it’s true we’re planning to announce a new album, it’s too early to say when exactly. The tracks have not been sorted yet, but song composition will be ongoing.”

This is good news to all IU’s fans who are waiting for the new album because IU hasn’t released her own album since her third release ‘Modern Times’ in October of 2013.
Stay tuned for more details!

[Update] As of this writing there were rumors afloat that IU’s comeback will take place in April, but her agency, Loen Entertainment, stepped up on February 3 saying, “It is true she is preparing a new album, but this is standard.  The album’s release date has not been decided, nor have the songs been gathered.  She is always in preparation, and a comeback in April is still uncertain.

The important thing is when the title track appears.  When the title track is decided on, the album work could take place quickly with lightning speed, but if the title track does not appear before us, fans will probably have to wait.

We are hoping for the best sound track of her album,  so that there will be a fan meet once again.