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Boy group UP10TION compares their members to that of girl groups.

On the recent showcase of UP10TION for their fourth mini-album, “Summer go!”, the members reveal their advantages in the recent girl group competitions.

With regards to the recent girl group comeback rush, UP10TION reveals, “We think that we have an advantage even during the recent girl group competition.”

Sunyoul then reveals, Xiao has a very refreshing personality which does not lose to girl groups. I think that Wooshin is also just as pretty as any girl group member.”

Kuhn then comments, “Many girl groups made their comebacks recently. We are one of the very few boy groups who are promoting right now. I think that this would make us competitive. We are very bright and refreshing. But, if you would look closely, you could see that we could be cool as well.”

Wooshin then shares, “We have not yet achieved our goal yet, which is why we still feel greedy. We still have a long way to go.”

Bit-to then reveals, “We would like to showcase every member’s talent. We will work hard. We would also show an artist’s professional image rather than that of a rookie image.”

Meanwhile, the group released their new mini-album on August 5 and had their comeback stage on “Music Bank” during the same day. The group made their debut in 2015 under TOP Media. They are known for their songs, “So, Dangerous,” “Come As You Are,” “Catch Me!” and “Attention.”

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