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Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” which is a spin-off of rap battle show “Show Me the Money”, focuses on female rappers in the Korean music industry.

With the announcement of the second season, viewers are excited as to the new lineup of contestants who would be battling it out to get the title and follow the footsteps of the season 1 winner Cheetah.

Here are the seven confirmed contestants for “Unpretty Rapstar 2”!


Yubin (Wonder Girls)


Stage Name: Yu Bin

Real Name: Kim Yoo Bin

Birth Date: October 4th, 1988

Position: Main Rapper

Height: 163cm

Hyorin (SISTAR)


Stage Name: Hyorin

Real Name: Kim Hyo Jung

Birth Date: January 11, 1991

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper

Height: 164 cm

Yezi (Fiestar)


Stage Name: Yezi

Real Name: Lee Ye Ji

Birth Date: August 26, 1994

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Height: 161cm





Stage Name: Gilme

Real Name: Gil Mi Hyeon

Birth Date: August 10, 1985

Height: 162cm




Stage Name: Kasper

Real Name: Ellen Serine Lee

Birth Date: April 17, 1993

Position: 164 cm




Ahn Soo Min

 ahn soo min


The show has also released a teaser for the new season saying “We are not a team, this is competition.”

Watch the teaser below!


Meanwhile, same with season 1, rapper San E would be the MC for the program.

The first episode of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” would be airing on September 11.

Stay tuned for more updates on the show!


What do you think of the lineup for the show?

Are your favorite female rappers included in the list?