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After School member Uee talks about her role for the upcoming MBC drama “Marriage Contract.”

Regarding her new role, Uee reveals, Hye Soo is a single mon who is very determined to get past her hardships for the sake of her daughter Eun Sung. I was really concerned of the fact that it would be my first time to play a role of a mother and it was a bit awkward for me. That is why I had many conversations with director Kim Jin Min and received advices. The director created a natural atmosphere on set and I was able to film comfortably because of his directions when drawing out emotions.”


She adds, “Although Hye Soo is usually soft and delicate, there are times when she toughens up in order to protect her daughter. I think that there is a different person inside of me that appears when I have to protect someone important to me. The more that I became immersed in the role of Kang Hye Soo, the more that I feel that her character and the real me are becoming similar.”

Uee then ends the interview by saying, “I am working hard in order to film a beautiful drama which would warm your heart, so please give lots of love and interest to it.”

Meanwhile, Uee’s new drama “Marriage Contract” would be premiering in March 5 at 10 pm KST. It also stars Lee Soo Jin and Shin Rina.


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