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After School member Uee talks about the girl groups who made their summer comeback that caught her attention and talks about After School’s comeback.

After finishing her latest drama “High Society”, Uee sits on an interview with Sports Donga and talks about After School’s future activities.

She reveals, “Recently, the After School members have just got together and have counted how long we have been on a hiatus. The group has been away for more the two years.”

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“But all of the members agreed that we should not rush our comeback and have a mediocre song which does not fit us. We could not disappoint the fans who would like to see performances similar to our early days. It is not only the fans but as well as the other members who have departed from the group and graduated from After School which we also have to think of. I would like to pursue activities which they would not be ashamed of,” Uee adds.

With the flood of Kpop girl groups making their comeback this summer season, Uee was also asked if there was a girl group which caught her attention.

Uee then responds, AOA are pretty and senior group Wonder Girls also made their comeback. Wonder Girls came back as a band and danced to choreography as well. Our group knows how hard that is better than any other group. I could relate to it. As someone who really liked ‘Tell Me’ in the past. Senior Wonder Girl’s comeback was more impressive to me.”