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TWICE members talk about their inspiration and future plans in recent photo shoot and interview with Céci magazine.

With regards to their popularity and their recent comeback with “Cheer Up,” Nayeon shares, “It is strange to be able just to see our song in the music charts. All the members waited for this moment since the song was released. When we saw that it rose in the rankings, we screamed and went crazy. Jungyeon also cried.”

Dahyun also adds, “It was just like a dream. Thanks to tour fans, we are able to dream. We want to work even harder so that we could show good music and performances in the future.”

When asked about the group’s inspiration and driving force, Chaeyoung reveals, “We do two showcases in a year. We have prepared a lot so that we could stand on stage. The moment that I stand on stage, I know why I do all that work.”

Jungyeon and Momo also add that it has been their dream since they were young which is why they could not give up that easily. Meanwhile, Dahyun shares that watching her seniors at JYP Entertainment has given her the dream to stand on stage.

With regards to their future plans, Mina shares, “We simply want to have the opportunity to stand on stage as much as possible.”

Jihyo and Sana reveal that they would like for TWICE to have their first solo concert soon, while Tzuyu wishes that she could do volunteer work with all the members.


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