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Members of JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE discusses their feelings about competing with project group I.O.I.

On TWICE’s recent showcase for their mini-album “TWICEcoaster,” the group reveal their thoughts on their agency CEO, Park Jin Young producing I.O.I’s “Very Very Very.”

Nayeon shared, “Park Jin Young does not just produce for us. He writes songs for other artists as well. We view Park Jin Young supporting I.O.I as a good thing. We were glad knowing that Somi, who practiced with us, got first place as part of I.O.I.”

“Instead of competing with them, it is an opportunity to grow and learn. We will work hard,” she also revealed.

Sana then added, “When I.O.I’s ‘Very Very Very’ came out, we started to try out the choreography without realizing it. It was very fun to watch them.”

“We are not sad since Park Jin Young also takes good care of us,” Mina stated.

Chaeyoung also shared, “After our music release, I got a phone call from Somi. She said that the song was really good and that she likes it.”

Recently, Park Jin Young has shown his love for TWICE by congratulating them for a great year through Instagram.

Meanwhile, TWICE has recently made their comeback with a track written by Black Eyed Pilseung titled, “TT.” I.O.I on the other hand, has made their comeback with a track by Park Jin Young titled “Very Very Very.”

Take a look at TWICE’s music video for “TT” below!

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