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For the first time the B.A.P members used their SNS accounts since their lawsuit against TS Entertainment.

On his Instagram account Youngjae, and Jongup wrote,  “All six of us miss you. Thank you. #bangstergram #strong_chan #yjayo #m_jup #byzelo.” Jongup retweeted  to his instagram post and added, “Thank you.” while Daehyun posted his photo. 

Last November B.A.P filed for a nullification of contract , which stated that  the contract was only for the benefit and sided only for the agency while a disadvantage for the members. Considering the length  of the contract, the members said to have received 18,000,000 KRW (~ 16,000 USD) per member  only , while  they are being active  for 3 years . As of December 23rd,  the agency, TS Entertainment should file a response against their petition.