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This year has revealed the most dating scandal in the kpop world isnt it? And just for the start of the month of October, a lot has been in a dating scandal issue. And we are not done yet! Another rumored couple in the hot list! Its non other that the co-stars on the drama “Night Watchman” SM Entertainment’s TVXQ Yunho and the actress Seo Ye Ji.

Sports Seoul, a newspaper in Korea revealed from their source :

“The two are meeting with good feelings for one another as they shoot their drama. They are a cute couple who will consult with one another about their acting as well… Because of eyes on set, they act carefully around each other on set, but on their days off they will go on dates.”

Another source of Sport Seoul from the drama also stated :

“Although we already caught on that the two are seeing one another, we don’t express that we know of their relationship. There is the factor of keeping up the atmosphere of the drama, and because they also have their separate love lines, it seems like they’re trying to make sure they don’t cause any harm to the drama. Despite this, I don’t think you can hide love. You can see it in their eyes that it’s different.” (Translated by allkpop)


But it was rapidly denied by the two through the media outlet Osen stating:

Seo Ye Ji’s agency told Osen that the two are just of close dongseng and oppa kind of treatment. “She said Yunho is a close oppa who takes good care of her. They’re not dating.”

SM Entertainment also responded on behalf of TVXQ Yunho stating
“They’re just co-stars who appear in the same drama.”

What are your thoughts? If they are not in a relationship by now, maybe thay can grow their relationship as the drama continues its shooting as what the insiders are insisting.
Do you believe that they are just oppa-dongsaeng?
Cassiopeias your saved for now. Oppa is still yours <3