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tvN apologizes for controversial “Comedy Big League” skit on children with divorced parents.

Previously, comedians Jang Dong Min and Hwang Jae Sung have gained a lot of criticisms from viewers and with the Civic Assocation for Households Without Discrimination (CAHD) filing a complaint after a skit from tvN’s “Comedy Big League” seemed to be demeaning children with divorced families. Specifically, it pokes fun of how children wait for their child support and how they have to stay at two different houses.

Comedy Big League 2

CAHD requested punishment for the people who had a big part with the creation of the skit. They also add, “We have decided to file a complaint to alert the production crew who air content like this since they are desperate to raise their viewership ratings.”

On April 12, tvN then issued an official apology saying, “We are deeply regretting our careless actions to satirize our society’s current misconceptions and stereotypes. We are taking the controversy very seriously and heavily, and we are preparing to take disciplinary actions on responsible staff members. We would also place greater emphasis on broadcasting standards from now on. We apologize to all the members of single-parent families for the discomfort that they have felt.”

They add, “We extend our apologies to all those who were negatively affected by this controversy as well. We would make sure that a controversy like this would never happen again.”

In response to tvN’s apology, CAHD decides to drop their complaint.


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