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Girls’ Generation member Tiffany is recently under fire for her recent posts which show Japanese flags during Korea’s Independence Day.

On August 15, the Girls’ Generation member posted a photo of herself with her co-members Yuri and Sooyoung while at Japan for SM Town’s Tokyo concert. Along with the picture is a caption, “Babes” and a Japanese flag emoji.

Tiffany Instagram

While Tiffany probably used the emoji to signify that they are in Japan, netizens think that it was a bad timing since August 15 is the celebration of Korea’s Independence Day from Japan. As a result, many are furious at her choice of emoji and left negative comments at her post. Tiffany then edits her post and removed the caption.

However, the situation became worse because of her Snapchat post. Tiffany used the caption, “Tokyo Japan” with a rising sun flag design – a flag which symbolizes the Japanese empire, a painful reminder of cruelty for Koreans when the Japanese ruled over their country. The post became even more problematic since she posted it on August 15, Korea’s Independence Day.

Tiffany Snapchat

While some netizens criticized the Girls’ Generation member, some have also defended her by saying that she probably have forgotten that it was the 15th and that it is Korea’s Independence Day due to her busy schedule.

Meanwhile, Tiffany nor her management label, SM Entertainment, has yet to comment on the issue.

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  • Walter Kozlowski

    She made a mistake used the wrong filter and she was in Japan with SNDS for a concert at the Tokyo Dome.Cut her a break.

  • utarasone

    So what. She’s American anyway. Americans don’t have beef with Japan.