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Girl’s Generation member Tiffany gets complimented by Hollywood actor Tom Cruise for her interviewing skills on “Entertainment Weekly”.

On the recent broadcast of “Entertainment Weekly”, Tiffany becomes a special reporter and conducts an interview with the Hollywood actor.

Tom Cruise made his way to Korea as part of the promotions for his latest film “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” which have premiered on Korea on July 30. The new “Mission: Impossible” film is the fifth movie of its franchise.

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Previously, Tiffany has interviewed other top Hollywood stars such as Tom Hiddleston and Brad Pitt.

In the interview, Tom Cruise talks about his experiences in Korean and sends a message to his Korean fans. Tiffany then brings out a board which contains photos from the scenes of the four previous “Mission: Impossible” films. The actor is then asked to describe his experiences in the said scenes.

However, at the third photo, Tom Cruise remarks that it was a scene from the fourth “Mission: Impossible” film, thanks to Tom Cruise and Tiffany’s professionalism and good humor, the two were able to brush off the error with a laugh.

Finally, at the end of the interview, Tiffany then says to herself, “I think I did pretty good.” To which Tom Cruise responds, “You did great, you’re awesome.”

The two stars also took a photo at the end flashing their v-signs.

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Check out the interview below!

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