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Three Meals a Day” PD responds to criticisms on actress Kim Ha Neul during her special appearance in the variety show.

PD Na Young Suk of tvN variety show “Three Meals a Day” responds to the criticisms on the July 3 episode of the show.

Actress Kim Ha Neul appeared a special guest on the show, however viewers have different reactions. Some viewers commented that cast members seemed to be uncomfortable as the actress showed a less than stellar cooking skills and have even kept on questioning them about her food, asking “Isn’t it delicious?”


PD Na Yung Suk told media outlet Edaily on July 4 that such reaction from the viewers was a shame. He comments, “Of course, everybody who watches the program could think of many different things, since parts of a variety show that are intended to be fun could be experienced differently by everyone.”

“However, our filming with Kim Ha Neul was really fun, Lee Soo Jin and the other members had a great time as well. From a producer’s perspective, she was a great guest.” the PD reveals.

“I wouldn’t really say that it was worthy of being called as a ‘controversy’. I just hope that everyone would know that the filming was really fun and enjoyable,” he adds.

Meanwhile, “Three Meals a Day” features actors Lee Seo Jin, Kim Kwang Gyu and 2PM member Taecyeon. They invite celebrity guests and make three meals a day, only using what is available to them. The show airs every Friday on tvN.

  • YEighty

    I learn to like them and Kim HaNeul was the first I know and follow the career. I agree with the PD of “3 meals a day”: they had fun and they showed their real self, they do not lie. In life, everything is important however there are priority, it comes first, and others things have to wait but they are not forgotten. Honey + Kim HaNeul = Sweet Honey! It was worth waiting the Honey for having sweet honey! (my thought about the arrival of Kim HaNeul when they cared more about the havest honey than her). It was great to watch her, long time no see!