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The Grace is a South Korean girl group that was formed under the management company, SM Entertainment in the year 2005. This group is consists of four members who doesn’t only sing but also dance and act. They had also debuted in the year 2005.

The girl band had been known as TSZX prior to their promotion of 3rd Korean single around the end of the year 2006, at which their group changed their name to The Grace. TSZX was the Romanization for the said Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, Tian Shang Zhi Xi. It was also simplified as CSJH with the Korean pronunciation, Chun Sang Ji Hee, all of these are still sometimes used in referring the girl group despite the fact that they had already changed their name. It is also same in Japan where they are known to be Tenjochiki that has been abbreviated as TJCK.

Their official fan club was called Shapley; it was named after the largest mega cluster in the universe which shines the brightest points of four stars that can be seen in the Earth. The official color that the group has is pastel rose pink but now it is change to pearl pink.

Because of Stephanie’s major back injury, all of the group’s activities have been halted. It was like that until on the year 2010, when the members Lina, Dana, and Sunday had appeared on the screen. They had attended the annual SMTown concert, SMTown Live ’10 in August and September. After the concerts, Dana and Sunday were cast in the musical “Rock of Ages” with SHINee‘s Onew and TRAX’s Jay from the same management. In October, Dana was also cast in another musical, “The Three Musketeers”. Stephanie has been going through rehab and recently recovered fully. She joined Korean Arts University and with the encouragement from the school, she auditioned for the Los Angeles Ballet. She stated in an interview that after she has completed the shows in the States with LAB, she will head back to Korea to continue on her singing career.

Dana had once again tweeted to one of her fans that the grace will start to produce a new album and believed that it will be released on the following year. She had also stated that they will be recording between December and January. And also, one of the SM representatives had revealed and expressed that, “Dana has been recording consistently all this while. However, details are yet to be confirmed on the group’s actual comeback.”

On the 27th of January, their management company, SM Entertainment had confirmed that the group will comeback some time around April. Stephanie and Lina won’t be able to join the comeback because Stephanie has a ballet and Lina will be focusing to her acting career. Though, they will be joining the group activities once they had finished their individual ones. So it was presumed that Sunday and Dana will be the only one who will make the girl group’s most awaited comeback.