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EXO member Tao was spotted going to California amidst departure rumors from the group.

Tao of SM Entertainment’s boy group EXO was spotted by fans departing the Beijing airport and arriving in Los Angeles airport. The fans also spot Tao’s mother with him as he arrives in California.

It was also revealed that he will be in California to undergo treatment for his ankle injury as well as pursuing his academic studies.


Fans speculate that Tao may be the next Chinese member to leave EXO after Kris and Luhan as Tao’s father had written a letter saying why he wants to have Tao depart from the group.

SM Entertainment had released a statement saying that the letter from Tao’s father was real and that they are still in the process of sorting out conflicts between the two parties. They also assured the fans by saying that the agency is doing their best to have Tao remain in EXO.

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Tao has not yet released a statement about the issue, but fans were alarmed as he wrote in his Weibo account, “I’m sorry. Thank you.” The fans wonder if he was apologizing to them because he would be leaving EXO and thanking them for the support or if it meant something else.

Recently, the fans also panicked as Tao removes “EXO” from his Weibo profile.


Stay tuned for more updates on this issue!

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