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Girl’s Generation’s leader and main vocalist Taeyeon has been criticized by netizens regarding her comment on fellow Girl’s Generation member Sunny.

Netizens have been sharing their thoughts on Taeyeon’s comment on Sunny’s recent birthday. They think that Taeyeon was being sarcastic on her comment which is why they start to criticize her for such behavior.

Recently, Sunny had posted in her Instagram account the pictures of the gifts she has received from her fans, friends, family and from the agency for her 26th birthday on May 15th.

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In one of the photos that Sunny had posted, Taeyeon wrote a comment and said, “Heol, all of SM’s staff, definitely niece Sunkyu *clap*.

Sunny ig



After the comment was written the netizens immediately made a screen shot of the comment and talked about Taeyeon’s sarcastic comment regarding Sunny’s birthday.

The netizens believe that Taeyeon was mocking Sunny regarding a special treatment especially on her birthday since she is the niece of SM Entertainment’s former CEO Lee Soo Man. They think that what Taeyeon means in her comment is that Sunny only gets the nice gifts because she is the niece of Lee Soo Man.

The netizens also pointed that Taeyeon should not have wrote such comment and should have just stayed quiet in order to avoid a controversy.

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