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BIGBANG’s Taeyang apologizes for his alleged racist Lunar New Year post on his Instagram account.

The BIGBANG member made a Lunar New Year greeting to his fans through his Instagram account, however, his post has been accused of being racist by netizens making him apologize regarding the incident and delete the controversial Lunar New Year greeting.

On the Lunar New Year, Taeyang used an app which allows the user to ‘wear the face’ of any celebrity which you would like. With the app, Taeyang used the face of famous rapper Kanye West and greeted his fans a ‘Happy Monkey New Year’ and have imitated Kanye’s signature sound.

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After the Instagram post has been made, Taeyang have received criticisms from fans and have called him out for being racist, while some have also defended the BIGBANG member saying that it was an honest mistake.

Following the criticisms, Taeyang then removed the said post and wrote an apology:

“I read all the comments and I am very sorry to anyone who had bad feelings about the last post which is now deleted. I didn’t know some people would think that way but it is totally my fault and I take responsibility. I did not mean it that way And I hope you guys understand that. I’m sorry again and I will never make this kind of mistake again. I hope you guys will forgive me.”


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